Thank you or visiting my blog! As my life journey has led me to a wide variety of experiences and learning opportunities, I have decided to put some of them down on “paper” so that (A) I remember them and (B) Others can share them with me if they wish!

Professional Bio:

I am a SharePoint consultant who specializes in creating easy to use solutions for simplifying and automating business processes. I come from a project management background and I am experienced in requirements gathering and providing SharePoint end user support and training.

Personal Bio:

I consider myself a Jill of all trades but a master of none. My hobbies and interests vary widely with my main focus being People and Technology. I studied Psychology and Criminal Justice in college and have about 7 years of working in IT. I am a mother to a sweet, intelligent, wild 2 year old daughter that melts my heart with her gap toothed smile. I am a semi retired amateur Muay Thai fighter. Maine, New York, Florida, Nebraska, and Virginia are the states I have called home at one point or another. Besides the things I have already touched upon, I like talking fitness and gardening.

Muay Thai