My European Collaboration Summit 2019 Recap

Today wrapped up my first European Collaboration Summit located in Wiesbaden, Germany. Speaking at this event has truly been such a wonderful experience!

I arrived very jet lagged on Sunday, but my excitement to meet everyone led me to go help fill back packs with sponsor materials with the other volunteers and the organizers. It felt good watching them stack up knowing that they would be going to all the happy attendees. THAT WAS A LOT OF BACKPACKS!


The venue for the conference, RheinMain CongressCenter, is modern and beautiful on the outside and inside. The surrounding area of the city is also full of beautiful parks, fountains, statutes, and shops.

On Monday night we were driven by bus into a more rural area for a special speaker dinner where we ate traditional German foods and enjoyed time with great friends.

My session was on Tuesday, May 28th. To my surprise the room was absolutely PACKED with every seat taken and people standing in every place possible. I spoke about the importance of Team Owners and making sure they are empowered and informed. Microsoft Teams seems to be a very popular topic here!


Tuesday after the last session some sponsors, Happit and Experts Inside, held a BBQ by the Rhine river. I couldn’t believe how many people ventured out to go attend the party and be part of the community.

Wednesday I attended sessions and also the diversity & inclusion panel where we discussed our backgrounds and experiences in the community. We also talked about goals for increasing awareness of issues and including people of all backgrounds.

Thursday was the big speaker event where we took a cruise down the river. It was so much fun to spend the day on the river cruising while looking at the beautiful surroundings. Also it was great getting to know many of the other speakers better and discuss our backgrounds and upbringings. I absolutely love hearing everyone’s stories.


I want to thank the organizers, fellow speakers, volunteers, attendees, and everyone who made the European Collaboration Summit possible from the bottom of my heart. It was truly such a memorable experience. Hope to see you next year! ❤