Thank You for an Amazing 2018!

I had an amazing 2018! While I truly believe in owning your success, failures, and happiness I also know that many people have supported and encouraged me this year. I want to take a second to give a heartfelt thank you to all of you! Knowing that people believe in me enough to help me grow and succeed has gotten me past any moments of discouragement and disappointment. I end the year appreciative and with a full heart.

My Family

Although my family doesn’t really understand exactly what I do professionally, I know they are proud of me. My mom, brother, and aunts are always there to provide a listening ear for me. Times when I have lost everything they have been there with gloves, hard hats, and a hammers ready to help me rebuild. My sweet, hilarious, inquisitive daughter is a constant source of inspiration. Thank you family!

My Mentors

I wouldn’t have my career without my mentors. I have had several amazing mentors throughout my career, starting when in my college days. A few of you I think of as my mentor without ever actually formally discussing this title. Taking the time to teach someone and provide guidance is such a gift. Many decisions I have made that have led to success were from the advise of my mentors. Please know that I do not take this lightly and that you have directly contributed to my success this year. Thank you for your voices of reason when I need it the most. Thank you mentors!

My Colleagues

I am blessed to work with some extremely talented, intelligent, creative, and passionate people. Between my Withum Digital coworkers, Microsoft MVP colleagues, and fellow Flow and SharePoint user group community members I am surrounded with inspiration and knowledge! I regularly reach out to my colleagues to strategize, ask questions, and share successes and failures. I am so grateful to have you to share my passion with. Thank you colleagues!

My Supporters

Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank my supporters. If you read my content, watch my videos, come to my sessions at conferences, provide me feedback etc… it really means a lot. Thank you for taking the time to learn and share with me. Thank you supporters!

I wish you all a safe, healthy, happy, and prosperous new year! Let’s have an amazing 2019 together. Thank you all!

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