Maybe writing a whole blog post about this will make me remember to do this. I write this after wasting about an hour wondering why a handful of my 30+ SharePoint fields were not showing up in Microsoft Flow Dynamic Content for me to insert in a lovely table that I created in the Body section of the Send Email action. This is not the first time I have wasted time or felt silly for wondering why something wasn’t showing in Dynamic Content only to realize if I click “See More” it shows up. The “See More” option is not very intuitive or noticeable. Also Flow seems to have a fairly obscure pattern for deciding which fields show up in the main view and which ones only show up when you click “See More”. I have been able to help several people who have asked me about not seeing fields in Dynamic Content by telling them to “See More”. I hope this helps you and saves you some unnecessary frustration.

So here is how you do it. Simply click “See More” when you have Dynamic Content open and HOPEFULLY (fingers and toes crossed) your field appears.

flow see more

Another Tip: If you are using a connector you haven’t used before, try saving and closing Flow and reopening. I have noticed that sometimes makes things appear in Dynamic Content.

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