Use Flow to Receive Mobile Notifications for @Mentions From Teams Tenants You Are Not Logged Into

It is always nice to have options! Many of us have been using and loving Microsoft Teams. As a consultant and active Microsoft community member I have been provided an account in many different Microsoft Teams tenants. In some tenants I have been added as a guest where I can log into my regular work tenant and then see when I have notifications and switch between all the tenants I am a guest in. However, in some tenants I have granted a separate login credential. Switching to log into these tenants is not convenient and for the most part I am in my company’s tenant getting my regular project work done. I receive tons of email notifications from all of the other tenants I am not regularly logged into telling me all of the stuff I am missing out on. To be honest I don’t have time to pay attention to them all. Yes, these notifications are configurable as seen in this image.

microsoft teams mentions and messages settings

It is great to be able to adjust these email settings, but what if I want to receive all of the regular notifications AND get a special notification to my mobile device for my @mentions? I will not get the banner notifications if I am not logged into Teams with the right credentials. To me the @mentions are the most important because it usually means someone specifically is calling me out for a response or expecting me to pay attention to something. This is where Microsoft Flow comes to the rescue!

You can create a flow that will send you a Flow notification to your mobile device when you receive an @mention in a specific channel. For the most critical channels I am a part of I have set up flows to make sure I do not miss when someone is trying to specifically get my attention.

Note: You need to have the Flow mobile app downloaded to really benefit from this.

To get started click on cog wheel on the top right of the screen then on Connections. Create a new connection for the Microsoft Teams tenant that you want to receive @mention notifications from.

flow connection.JPG

Next, click on My Flows and the Create From Blank.

create from blank

Search for “Microsoft Teams” as your trigger and choose “Microsoft Teams- When I am mentioned in a channel message”. Choose the Team and channel that you want to receive @mention notifications from. Next add another step and choose add an action. Search for “notifications” and select “Send me a mobile notification”. Choose the message body from Dynamic content. You may want to also add a note about which team and channel the message is from (as I have done below).

when i am mentioned in a channel flow

Now once this is saved when you are @mentioned in the channel you choose you will receive a mobile notification. Here is an example of how it will show up as a banner on your mobile phone.


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