Using the New SharePoint Page Approval Flow

As promised, Microsoft Flow continues to become more and more integrated with SharePoint. The newest example is the page approval flow that just began being rolled out to targeted release tenants at the end of July. I was able to try out this new functionality this week.

The details of the flow read as:

“When a new page is submitted for approval everyone on the approvers list will receive an email. Any one on the approvers list can approve the page. When approved, the page will be published for all readers and the approval status of the page will be Approved.”

When you arrive to a SharePoint Site Pages library you will see the Flow drop down in the command bar menu. If you select an item and click the Flow drop down there are four options that will appear: Request sign-off, Create a flow, See your flows, and Configure page approval flow. If you have added any other flows to the library they will also appear in the drop down.

NOTE: Only site owners will see the Configure page approval flow option

flow ribbon approval

When you select Configure page approval flow you will be prompted to create the flow on the right side of the library page.

create sharepoint page approval

You can change the Flow name if you wish, however I would just leave it as is to avoid confusion unless you have a specific reason to change it. The Approvers field is required so you need to enter in at least one person. Once you do that you can click the Create button.

Once the flow is created, the Publish button on pages will be replaced with a Submit for approval button.

Submit for approval flow

When the Submit for approval button is pressed the submitter enters in a message and then presses the Submit button.

submit page for approval

The approval message is then sent to the people that were configured as Approvers. There is also a link to the page. Any of the approvers can approve or reject the page. If they approve it gets published and changes the status to Approved in the pages library. If the page is rejected the status will reflect that.

flow page approval

There are a few known issues that Microsoft lists when they announced this new feature. They are working on them and will hopefully will be fixed soon. The first is if a page is checked out by another user and get submitted for approval there will be an error. Also, if you only have major versions enabled you will get an error.

It should be noted that this flow CAN be modified by site owners to meet different business needs by editing it within Flow.

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