Create a Microsoft Flow Template Library for Your Organization Using SharePoint

Microsoft Flow offers many simple templates for flows that everyone can use over and over again. The templates can be used as is, or be used as a starting point and modified for different business. Template ideas can be submitted to Flow by following these instructions but they will be available to everyone using Flow and may not be accepted as templates if they are too complicated or specific to your industry or practice. One feature missing from Flow is the ability to store templates just for your organization. As more and more flows get created within an organization the desire to increase ROI by reusing Flows created will increase.

One solution is to export Flows that would be helpful to others in your organization into a .zip file and then upload them into a well organized SharePoint library that can be accessed by leadership, decision makers, business owners, and IT professionals. When a flow needs to be reused the .zip file can be downloaded then imported into Flow.

It should be noted that this solution will take time to create and maintain, so if it should only be done if there is a true business need to share Flow templates throughout an organization. You will also need fundamental SharePoint knowledge to follow these instructions.

flow template library

  1. Create a SharePoint document library
  2. Add at a minimum add a Flow Description field where you can describe the functionality of each flow. (next steps are optional)
  3. Add a choice field with each connector service as a choice.
  4. Add any other metadata fields that will help your organization find the right flow. Another example may be a Department field that captures the department that created and uses the flow.
  5. Create views grouping Flows based on your metadata fields in a way that makes sense to allow members of your organization find the flow they need.
  6. Begin exporting your flows and uploading them into your document library for reuse.

Connector choice field

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