Microsoft Teams Governance: How to Create a Channel Request Solution Using Flow

By default, every team member in Microsoft Teams can create channels in the teams they are part of. Without training and governance, this can lead to a lot of confusion, especially in larger organizations. When too many channels are created team members will struggle to know where to work on what type of content which can drastically impact user adoption.

A simple solution to this potential problem is for team owners to restrict team members from creating channels in their team. In order for team members to still have a quick and easy way to request channels, a flow can be created that sends an approval notification to the team owner and then automatically creates the channel if approved. Please note that this is just one way to create the solution, there are many options when using Flow.

For this solution you will need a SharePoint list with the following fields (add more as desired):

  • Channel Name (single line of text)
  • Channel purpose (Single line of text)
  • Requestor (people picker)

To get started, click on My Flows then on Create from Blank.

start from blank Flow Microsoft

For the trigger search for SharePoint and select “When an item is created or modified”. Select or copy and paste in the Site Address where the SharePoint list is located. Select the List Name from the dropdown.flow sharepoint when an item is created.PNG

Click on Add an action then search for “Start an approval”. Fill out the approval fields as shown below. Click on Dynamic content to add the Channel Name and Link to item. In the Assigned to field enter the team owner(s).

start an approval channel request

Click on Add a condition. Click on dynamic content to select Response, select is equal to from the dropdown and then type in Approve. Click on Add an action underneath the If yes section. Search for Teams then select “Create a channel”. Select the Team for the Team Id field and then select Channel Name from the dynamic content for the Display Name.

flow condition create channel

Click on Save Flow and test it by creating a new item in your SharePoint list. The channel should be automatically created.


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