MVP Philly Community Connection Event

On November 3rd and 4th I had the opportunity to participate in a 2 day event that brings MVPs together to learn and network. On the first day we were delivered great instruction on how to deliver effective training videos. We actually broke into groups and filmed (very rough) training videos together. My group chose to create a  problem/solution video where we discussed how to organize a successful meetup. We all contributed to the idea and actually all were on film. You can view our video on YouTube here. I was definitely reminded about how nervous I get on camera! A lot of laughs were had during this exercise. That night we all went to a party at the Pour House, a local pub. Since most of my interaction with MVPs before this point are SharePoint focused it was interesting to meet MVPs from other categories.

On the second day several of the MVPs and myself delivered short 10-15 minute “How Cool” talks. I spoke about mentorship and related the topic to someone I admire very much, Wim Hof. We also had discussions on diversity and a LinkedIn training. We played a really fun team building game where one person gets to see the screen with a puzzle and the rest of the team reads the manual and helps them solve it. Below you will see me very focused on this exercise 🙂

Thank you to the Microsoft MVP Program for holding this event!!

Pour House1

MVP Microsoft event

MVP Microsoft event Philly

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