Use Flow to Manage Your Social Media Messaging Approval Process and Automatically Post Messages when Approved

With SharePoint’s integration with Flow, you can create an approval workflow to handle social media messaging starting right from your SharePoint list. The Flow I walk you through below will send out an approval email when a new item is added to the SharePoint list to a group of assigned people. Then when everyone has approved, the Approval Decision field will change from “In Process” to “Approved”. The message is then tweeted automatically. If only one person from the Assigned group of reviewers needs to approve the message, it can easily be configured that way as well.


social media flow

1. Click on the Flow drop down then Create a flow.

create a flow

2. Choose When a new item is added in SharePoint complete a custom action.

custom action

3. Click +New step and then Add an action.

New flow step action

4. Search for Approvals and select Approvals – Start an approval.


5. Choose Everyone from the assigned list for Approval Type then set the Title for the and enter the people that need to review the message in the Assigned to field.

everyone must approve

6. Click +New step and then Add a condition. Choose Response from the dynamic content.

condition response

7. In the If Yes section click +New step and then Add an action.

8. Search for SharePoint then choose SharePoint- Update item.

update item

9. Enter the Site Address and choose the List Name. Choose the corresponding Id and Message fields. Then type in Approved in the Approval Decision Value. If you have any other required fields in your list you will have to choose the corresponding field from the dynamic content.

update item flow

10. Underneath the Update item step click +New step and then Add an action.

11. Search for Twitter then select Twitter – Post a tweet.

twitter post tweet

12. Choose Message from the dynamic content.

post a tweet action

13. Click on Save flow.

save flow

You are now ready to test your Flow. The assigned reviewers will receive an email notifying them of an approval request. When they click on Approvals in the top navigation of Flow, all of their open approval requests will be displayed. This approval request will look like this they open it:

approvals box



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