New Flow Template Posts LinkedIn Articles on a Schedule

For a while now I have been wondering when there would be a Flow connector for LinkedIn and at the end of last month it became a reality. LinkedIn became a connector in Flow and a few templates were added. One of the simplest and most useful templates will post an article to LinkedIn on a schedule and also tweet a link to the article on Twitter. I have observed many companies, organizations, and professionals posting the same content on LinkedIn every month or so. This Flow template removes the management and time spent posting an article over and over!

The first step is to set up the recurrence. With Flow’s new advanced scheduling options you have full control of when the article will post. Next, you will need to provide the details for the article. You can even choose if you want the article to be visible to everyone or only your connections. The final step is to enter the tweet text. The article URL will automatically be inserted in the field, but you can customize the tweet text as you like.

View all Flow templates using the LinkedIn connector here.

LinkedIn Flow Template.PNG

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