Flow Buttons Just Became More Powerful with Choice Inputs. Here is an Example.

Last Friday, 8/25/17, an announcement was made about Flow button input improvements. Since the end of January we have had the ability to have users enter text line inputs when they click a button. The values entered could then be used in the Flow as dynamic content. Now, in addition to text line inputs you can configure choice inputs which can be used in conditions and actions in your Flow. This adds significant value because:

  1. It is easier for users to click a choice than it is to to enter text while they are on the go. The main purpose of buttons are to provide ease and speed for users from the mobile app.
  2. It provides more reliability for conditions based on the input because it takes out the human error of typos or entering incorrect values.

An example I was able to very quickly build is a button to create a new SharePoint task item in a list. Being able to click a button and add a new task from the Flow mobile app is extremely useful and convenient. This example includes both text line and choice inputs to provide details about the task which then get included as dynamic content into the task item.

New task button

To get started, navigate to My Flows and click Create from blank.

start from blank Flow Microsoft

Search all triggers for “Button” and choose the Flow button for mobile trigger.

Flow button from Mobile trigger

You will now enter your inputs. For fields in your Task list that will be different in every instance, use the text input. I used the text input for Task Name, Start Date, Due Date, and Description. Be sure to customize the message in the text box to give users any special instructions. text input flow office 365

For fields that you would like set choices for, click on the ellipsis then Add a list of options. I used this for Priority. I was going to also use it for Status but decided to set the Status field always to Not Started since the idea is that the button was being used for a new task. 

Add a list of options Flow button input

input choices flow

Here is how all of my inputs looked:

Manually trigger flow button office 365

Now you will add a New Step and choose Add an action. 

New flow step action

Select SharePoint- Create Item then enter your Site Address and choose List Name. If your List Names do not automatically populate, try manually typing it in and that may work. I have had to do that a few times when adding SharePoint actions to a Flow. 

create item

For the fields that you want populated with the button inputs, select dynamic content then the name of the input. Here is how my action looked: 

Create SharePoint Item Flow Office 365

Click Create Flow on the top right and then test your new button! 

create flow button

There is much more you could do with this. You have created a nice base to create conditions and actions based on the task data. For example you could create a condition condition that if the priority is high, send an email notification. One note, I could not get the Assigned to field to show up when creating the item action. I will research this more and add details.

If you run into any issue please feel free to contact me! I love to help troubleshoot. 

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