Update Fields in a SharePoint List When an Item Becomes Overdue using Flow

A great feature of Microsoft Flow is the ability to set Flows to run on a recurrence. A great use case for this feature is when you want something to happen in SharePoint based on a date. The example I am going to walk you through uses the standard SharePoint Task List and updates the status to overdue when the Due Date passes. To set this up you will need to start with a Recurrence trigger as well as create an Apply to Each step so that the Flow will check the date field in every item when it runs on the schedule. Here are the steps to create the Flow:

  1. Navigate to My Flows and then click on Create from Blank on the top right. create from blank Flow
  2. Click on Search Hundreds of Connectors and Triggers.search connectors and triggers
  3. Search for Recurrence then choose the Schedule – Recurrence. Choose Day for Frequency then enter 1 for the Interval to have the Flow run every day.Date Recurrence Flow
  4. Click on New Step and then Add an action. Search for SharePoint and select SharePoint – Get Items.                                                                                 get items sharepoint
  5. Enter the SharePoint site address that the task list resides on then click on the drop down next to List Name and choose the task list.Date Recurrence Flow SharePoint List
  6. Click on New Step, More, then Add an Apply to Each. apply to each sharepoint flow
  7. Within the Apply to Each step click on Add Dynamic Content then value.sharepoint value apply to each
  8. Click on Add a Condition then within the Condition box click on Edit in advanced mode and enter: @greaterOrEquals(utcnow(), items(‘Apply_to_each’)?[‘DueDate’]) *replace DueDate with the name of the date field you want to useFlow condition due date
  9. Under If yes click Add an action and search for SharePoint. Select Update Item.update item sharepoint Flow
  10. Again enter the SharePoint site address that the task list resides on then click on the drop down next to List Name and choose the task list. You will need to add ID and Task Name using the dynamic content. Enter the updates in the field names you want to change once the Due Date hits. In this Flow the Task Status changes to Overdue when the Due Date goes by.overdue sharepoint flow
  11. Click Save Flow when you are done. To test the Flow click on Run Now. Run Now Flow




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