A Few of my Favorite Bots for Microsoft Teams that you can Try for Free

Microsoft Teams provides a platform for members to interact with intelligent bots either by natural conversation in chat or through specific commands. You can build your own bot or connect to one that is already created. There are some bots that you can currently try out for free within Teams. Below is some information about a few of the ones I have tried and like.

Growbot  https://www.growbot.io/ms-teams

bot growbot

Growbot makes it easy to provide positive feedback to teammates right within the conversations. All you have to do is mention Growbot and the person you want to give kudos to and Growbot adds to the conversation with a nice, sometimes funny message for them. Growbot also includes a leaderboard which shows the top 10 people who have received the most kudos.

ScrumGenius  https://app.scrumgenius.com/

bot scrum genius scrumgenius

Some customers or project managers demand daily status reports from team members. The ScrumGenius bot is a solution to automatically remind team members to complete the report and then a way to quickly provide it. After adding the bot you will first need to authenticate it at the ScrumGenius site by clicking the provided link. The questions team members will answer for the “standup report” and “check in report” can be configured.  A schedule for the reminders to team members can also be configured. The reports can then be tracked by the project manager or team leader in a dashboard.

Meekan   https://meekan.com/msteams/

meekan bot

Tired of sending around emails to teammates trying to schedule and create a meeting invite? Meekan helps organize meetings by syncing attendees calendars, providing polls for attendees to vote on the best time, and then scheduling the meeting. It even provides a way to load a room list and track which rooms are available for a meeting. To get started, team members message the Meekan bot then they are prompted to connect their calendar.


*Look for more information on Teams bots coming soon. They are being added all the time!


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