Monitor Social Media Sentiment within Microsoft Teams using Flow and Azure Text Analyzer

One of my newest favorite Flow templates is “Alert the team if a negative tweet is posted”. This Flow will add a conversation in your Team channel whenever a negative tweet is posted containing a text phrase or hashtag of choice. For organizations that get a high volume of social media activity this is a huge time saver if they have already adopted Teams. Team members that are part of the channel can receive a notification when there is a negative tweet containing their organization’s name or related phrase allowing the team to take action or at least get a sense of any negative public perception of their brand. This template could be also used as an example of how to create a Flow from scratch that analyzes other social media services that have a connector with Flow.

Twitter Text Analyzer Teams

Like all Flows, you will need accounts to all of the services that are part of it.

The Flow is triggered whenever anyone tweets what you enter in the “Search Text”.

Then there is an action to detect the sentiment of whatever text you choose to analyze. Add dynamic content and choose the Tweet Text in order to analyze the entire tweet. The Text Analyzer then rates the sentiment of the tweet text.

The condition of the Flow is if the rating is less than 0.5. This score is on a zero to 1 scale with 1 being very good sentiment. You may want to play with the rating to see what kind of tweets you are alerted about at different ratings.

The action the Flow performs if the sentiment rating is less than 0.5 is post a new conversation within a Channel in Microsoft Teams. Add dynamic content about the tweet to the message so the team gets the details they need. (See the steps below)

azure flow text analyzer steps teams

If you would like to try out this Flow template but do not have Teams or Text Analyzer accounts, you can use free trials. Here are some links to get started:

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