Tailoring the Microsoft Teams Messaging Experience

With Microsoft Teams being a chat based workspace, it is important to many organizations to be able to tailor the messaging experience. The following options can be controlled and changed from the Admin Center:

  • The ability to add gifs to conversations– gifs are an image file format that is animated by combining several  images or frames into a single file. GIFs are often used for bite-sized entertainment and as statements. They give users the ability to express emotion and/or humor. Some organizations may have reasons that they do not want these in use such as believing they are a distraction or unprofessional. Gifs can be turned off in Teams if this is the case.
  • Content Rating-The content rating gives administrators the ability to limit the types of gifs and stickers made available to Teams based on a rating. This way, “R” rated content can be kept out of your organization’s messages.
  • Stickers– Stickers are images that users can choose from and add to conversations.
  • Memes– Memes are like stickers but you can add your own text to them.

memes teams

  • Owners ability to delete all messages– There is a setting to allow for Team Owners to be able to delete all messages. There may be a need to turn this on if Team Owners want to clear out “fluff” messages from their team however this is something you would definitely want to educate Team Owners about with training.
  • Users ability to edit their own messages– By default users can edit their own messages.
  • Users ability to delete their own messages– By default users can delete all of their own messages.
  • Users ability to chat privately– If an organization does not want Team Members to be able to chat privately within the Teams app, it can be completely turned off.
  • Messaging

To change any of these options an Office 365 Admin can navigate to the Admin Center, click Settings on the left navigation, then Services & add-ins.

Teams settings

Select Microsoft Teams from the list of services and add-ins, and then expand the Messaging options.

Microsoft Teams Tenant Settings

This is where you make your messaging configurations for the entire tenant.

teams messaging options

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