How to Control User Access to Microsoft Teams Licenses

Depending on your organization’s business needs, there may be reasons that you do not want some users to be using Microsoft Teams within your Office 365 tenant. You can prevent users from using Teams either from the Office 365 Admin Center or by using Office 365 PowerShell commands. If using the Admin center, click on the waffle in the left hand corner,

office 365 waffle

then click on the Admin Center icon.

Office 365 Admin

Click the arrow next to Users

office 365 Users

click the checkbox for the user that you want to deny the use of Teams,

Office 365 Users Teams

then drag the bar to Teams to turn it off and disenable it for that user.

Microsoft Teams License

If you prefer to use Office 365 PowerShell to perform this task, see this article:

Remove licenses from user accounts with office 365 PowerShell

More Info on Microsoft Teams Licensing:

Microsoft Teams Access

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