How to Create a Link to the Upload Document Page of a Library

This is one of those posts where I know I am going to need to do this again and will forget how! I recently needed to create a link on a home page to upload a document into a document library. The customer did not want have to navigate to the library and click “Add New Document” or click the “Upload Document” button. I was a bit puzzled at first on how to do this because for lists you can simply change the setting to have the form not open in a dialogue box then copy the URL. For document libraries is different because first the dialogue box opens where the user uploads a document then they are brought to the form. I was able to get around this by making some changes to the URL.

Here is what I did:

“URL to the site the library is on, do not include the library in the URL”/_layouts/15/Upload.aspx?List=”List GUID”

Example: I want to link to the Upload a Document page for a library called “SOPs” that is on my site called “Governance”. I would set the link to this:”/_layouts/15/Upload.aspx?List=%7B28CD9A7B%2DB344%2D43B8%2DB8E2%2D8BFA36C85987%7D

The easiest way I have found to get the GUID is by going to the List or Library settings and copying what comes after “List=”. The upload document box will open in the browser.

SharePoint Add Document



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