The Year that Spring Came Early

2017 will forever be known to me as “the year that spring came early”. It is very odd and honestly a little eerie to be watching the flowers bloom and trees bud in February.

I definitely have found that my internal seasonal clock is way off, and this is a good thing! I love a shakeup, a change from the norm. It forces you to question your routines and norms and possibly improve upon them! February has always been somewhat of a dreary month for me. The major winter holidays are over, ski season is starting to dwindle, and I am sick of my winter wardrobe.

February 2017 on the other hand brought in days with high 70s temperatures, sun, and energy! This has shifted everything for me and the strength and renewal I normally feel in late March/early April has started early! My mind and body are not totally sure how to react. This shake up is just what I needed for inspiration to write, speak and accomplish goals for 2017. 

Let’s use 2017 as an example to expect the unexpected, embrace change, and feel the sunshine! 

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