Follow up Answers to BSPUG Questions about Flow 

BSPUG!!! I had a blast presenting an overview of Flow last week. I really appreciate your participation and questions. Here are the follow up answers, please let me know if I missed any and I will get back to you ASAP!!

 What is the Scopes feature used for?

Scopes give you an easy way to group two or more actions together. When you put actions inside a scope they can be visually collapsed making the presentation inside of the designer simpler.                           Build more advanced Flows 

Can you start another workflow with a Flow? 

There is no action to start a new Flow. However, you can design a Flow to perform an action that will do the thing that is the trigger for another Flow. This in essence is starting one Flow with another. 

What does the geographic location of an environment mean exactly? 

You can create environments in different regions. When you create a Flow for an environment it will route to data centers in that geographic location set for the environment. You should choose the geographic location that your users will usually be in, this will enhance performance. 
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