Pressin’ My Buttons with Microsoft Flow Mobile App

My favorite feature of the Microsoft Flow mobile app is the buttons feature. Buttons give you the ability to automate personal business processes with one touch. While consulting I am on the go a lot! Being able to automate and simplify things is so convenient when I am in a rush. Here are some examples:

Email: When I am going to be out of the office, I need to send an email to several different people with some standard information. Instead of fiddling around in my inbox trying to find the email and resend it, I touch a button and it sends. Voila!

Calendar Events: Sometimes I need to block off time on my calendar so no one schedules me for a meeting. I have a button for this. Also, if I need to hold an emergency team meeting, I have a generic invite template with all the right people invited and I just press a button and send it!

Logging my work hours: Every consultant knows that tracking time is very important. With one touch on my mobile device I log the time as well as my location into an excel spreadsheet. This way I know what client I am with and the amount of hours.


These are just a few ways I have been using buttons. There are many other templates to meet your individual needs and connect with the services you use most.

Microsoft Flow General Availability Information

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