BYOP (Bring Your Own Positivity) to your Project 

It is 9:15AM on a Tuesday. You waltz down the hall on your way to the morning scrum meeting refreshed, happy, and humming your favorite jam in your head that the radio played right before you parked the car. In hand is your favorite sugary latte including whipped cream on top. Yesterday at 4:10PM you solved a major issue on your development project and you are super excited to tell your team. You walk through the door and look around the table at your teammates. You notice the System Admins both look exhausted. One is playing on her phone with a blank stare on her face. The other is complaining about his commute angrily. The business analyst is drinking a Red Bull and asks if we can get the meeting over with quickly because he has a TON to do today. The developer has her headphones on and head down on the table.

At this point you have two choices:

(1)Let the  negativity begin to absorb into every pore of your body and just get through the meeting with these people. (2) Shine bright like a diamond and spray the positivity you walked in with all over them. No, I am not talking about the latte.

Leaders, Hopefully you choose number 2. As humans we can’t help but be impacted by the energy of those around us. Bringing positivity to your team and to your work is invaluable.  No one is in a good mood every day. I am not talking about that annoyingly perky project manager that pretends like everything is wonderful even when you aren’t meeting any deadlines and your customer just rejected your solution after user testing. Be the project manager that walks into the morning scrum meeting, smiles and says good morning. Be solution oriented and realistic. Find the good in your teammates and focus on their strengths even if they aren’t somebody you would necessarily choose to spend your time with. Do it for yourself, your teammates, and your project. Productivity and work quality will improve. Teammates will begin to emulate your positivity themselves. Your customers will notice the energy and collaboration. Most importantly, everyone will have a better day.

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